Being a DAO token of the DF Capital group, the DFC allows you to easily and conveniently exchange between members on TON blockchain, similar to how it is implemented in Dogecoin


Permeates and connects all products of the DF Capital ecosystem, is necessary for using services and brings benefits to holders. Providing DFC grants for developers. Encouraging social activity and donations.


Distributing among new holders across all telegram and social media resources, the DFC token attracts users to the DF Capital and TON community, contributing to the continuous growth of popularity.

DFC ecosystem projects pool

DeWallet | Arrakken | Delab | Betty | definder.fund

1st TON mini-game with DFC!

Battles, politics, referral system, play against each other or against DF Capital, farming DFC token and burn it through commissions...







DFC Distribution, %

Social allocations, M


Expanding TON potential!

We see the huge potential of the TON blockchain and have chosen to grow with it. We are bringing a new people to the TON community, developing our social networks and services, primarily in telegram, as the main platform that TON itself is aimed at.

We popularize it for our users, teach them how to work with TON and show their prospects. Currently, services and communities in the TON network are unsystematic and fragmented. The TON team solves this problem setting a goal to encourage users, running many promotions to grow by 5 millions users in 12 months.

The main idea and task of our DF Capital is to become the number one community in TON, to create a synergy effect within it through popularization and filling missing niches, services and products. On top of the TON blockchain we launched the DFC token, which will socially connect all participants in this crypto sector into something more integral.

Then as our reach grows, we'll look at what new products that community needs right now and in the future, look for their needs. Our approach is that a product without users is nothing, and with a base of motivated and expirienced DAO members, we can develop any products they need with success.

Several TON & market services are already created to demonstrate our capabilities and approach, as well as to continue recruiting and training the community. The DFC token is the basis for uniting people through the DAO, the connecting link in these processes. The final goal, as we see our development, is to become within TON network the same major player with related ecosystem services as Binance once became for the entire crypto market and led it to new heights, uniting previously disparate members of the crypto community.

We are firstly solving the problem of fragmentation and voids within the TON blockchain groups, which is obviously gaining popularity for us. DF Capital allliance will use part of the DFC token supply from social pool to attract new participants and motivate them to work together. This will also cause general interest in the stability of the DFC token rate.

We see the potential of the TON blockchain and want to join and help him succeed. Specific products will be created to meet the specific needs of the emerging community. We already have proposals from our DAO. The DFC token itself is now deliberately not officially loaded with any utilities, which will allow us to flexibly maneuver to suit the changing market.

DFC is now the glue for social interaction among all TON user base. The first steps and products that are planned are outlined in our Roadmap. Our research has shown that now many products do not even have to be too technically complex, what is more important is their relevance and correct presentation to a large, prepared community.

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This roadmap totally without any timestamps! We act according to the situation, so as not to drive ourselves into a corner. Some points can be changed or supplemented.

initial stage

DF Capital alliance founded

Several large telegram crypto-communities are uniting to promote the TON blockchain, creating DAO & DFC fun token as part of this project


DAO airdrop & listings

DAO airdrop in several waves with 2 token pools -- for everyone and for holders only. 100k+ members in our TG channel, 1000+ DFC DAO holders, listings on all top TON CEX, CMC, Coingecko

Development and integrations

DFC site created. Dev grants

New alliance partnerships, purchase and integration most useful TON services into our products, expansion, grants for TON developers

Utility added

The DFC token is being actively introduced into a wide range of our products and services

Analytical market tools for DFC holders, first special social privileges for holders, DAO trade signal drains, Release our first telegram mini-game on TON blockchain, CEX listings


New collaborations

DFC in market TOP 5 & added in the TON wallets. collaboration with all TOP TON projects, expanding influence in the TON community and receiving official grants from the TON blockchain

2nd stage

DFC token overclocking

Popularizing the TON blockchain out of the crypto, release a BIG TON GAME & DFCapital TON wallet, DFC reach $1 designated and goes to $10!
to be continued ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about DFC or DF Capital? Check it out!

Why TON?

At the end of 2023, the TON blockchain set a world record for transaction processing speed. They have a huge social base in the form of telegram users and endless growth prospects.

At what price did private investors enter? What is their share in the project?

The DFC token was not sold in any private or public offerings, there are no hidden investors who would have an advantage in receiving the DFC token. Model of token distribution through airdrops and public placement on the market.

What problem does the project solve? What products do you offer? Price expectations?

DFC is primarily the social fan token of our DAO. Its price does not directly depend on the products; it is determined by the desire of the holders to have DFC in their wallets. Products are added on top of this add-on to meet the specific needs of the token holder community. Through this model, we connect the TON community into a single & flexible social ecosystem, independent of the token price or products for it.

What are the benefits for DFC holders? Price expectations?

The DFC token will be integrated into all our products and services, including our telegram channels, games and wallet. Holders will have numerous benefits and as our DAO grows and our services become more popular, we hope to see prices ranging from $1 to $10 within a year. This assumption based solely on the growth rate of our community and the ratio to the demand for the token.